Create exploding boxes, waterfall cards, teabag papers, toppers, frames, medallopage and more with Square Magic KLSM001 stamps from "The Harmony Collection".

Download your FREE *exploding box template at the bottom of this page . . .


Exploding Box Template: (at the bottom of the page)

"The Harmony Collection"  Stamps:

Square Magic - Sports 1 Set

Black Ink

Glitter Gel Pens (we love Sakura)

A4 card (we used Holographic)

A4 White Paper

A4 White Card

A5 Coloured Card

Flat Backed Gems

10cm Wire (optional)


Acrylic Block


Wet Glue

Foam Pads (optional)

Double Sided Tape



Embossing Tool


1.        *Print the Exploding Box Template (thin card is recommended) (the centre square of the template is recommended to be 7cm x 7cm, check your printer settings); alternatively use the Large Frame to stamp the centre , cut out and lay on top of the A4 card.  (Put the cross shaped template at the top in an 'x' shape, the lid will then fit on the card too). Draw around in pencil and cut out. Score along all of the fold lines; fold keeping the holographic side on the inside of the box and the outside of the lid. The leftover card can be used to decorate the box if desired.

2.        Place your chosen Large Frame stamp onto an acrylic block, ink up the stamp and stamp 5 Large Frames onto white A4 paper, then stamp Smaller Frames inside, then choose a Greeting or Mini Topper to stamp inside the Smaller Frame. Colour as desired, cut out each Large Frame then stick with double sided tape to the outside of the box and top of the lid. This can be repeated for the inside of the cross shape. Stamp 2 more Large Frames, cut 4 large strips and stick these to the lip of the lid. Score and fold as directed; glue corners of lid where directed folding in, hold in place with paperclips or mini pegs until the wet glue has dried.

3.        Stamp a Small Frame onto white card (leaving space to stamp again at each side); next stamp 4 more times, lining up each time with an edge from the 1st Frame, you will end up with a cross shape.

4.        Stamp a Greeting or Mini Topper inside each of the Frames; remember to stamp with the bottom of the stamp facing the centre Frame.  Cut around the cross shape, score between the frames and fold. Line up the 2 crosses and attach the centre of the small cross to the centre of the large, with either double sided tape or foam pads. Colour as desired.  Stamp an extra Greeting or Mini Topper and attach to the centre of the cross with 3-d foam pads, coiled wire or attach 2 strips of paper at 1 end in an "L" shape and fold 1 over the other until a concertina spring has been created, stick the ends, then attach to Topper and box.

5.        Add gems to finish.  More layers and extra embellishments can be added, as well as the option to put Frames on the back of each plain section.

*Alternative to using the template:  Place your chosen Large Frame stamp onto an acrylic block, ink up the stamp and stamp the Large Frame directly onto the card you wish to use to create the Exploding Box; this will be the centre square (this will be the base of the box, where a greeting can be added) this will be the guide to stamp the 4 side panels. Ink up your Large Frame stamp again and line up with the edge of the first Large Frame; repeat to create a cross shape, this will look similar to the template. Next stamp Smaller Frames inside each Large Frame, then choose a Greeting or Mini Topper to stamp inside the Smaller Frame; colour as desired, then cut out the cross shape. Score along the adjoining areas (if using the template as a guide, this is indicated with a dotted line; then fold each side towards the centre); the stamped sides will form the outside of the box, the inside can also be decorated if desired).  The lid can be created by stamping the Large Frame directly onto your chosen card, then ink one edge of the Large Frame and stamp this parallel to one edge of the stamped Frame, repeat on each edge; cut out the lid, score and fold in the same way as indicated on the template; glue corners of lid where directed folding in, hold in place with paperclips or mini pegs until the wet glue has dried. Follow from step 3 above to complete.

*Variations of the Exploding Box can be made, also even more layers can be added, by using the "Square Magic" stamps.

Happy Crafting! 

*NB Kirsten Lapping Designs is an Angel company, we are happy for crafters to use our products so that you can create projects for personal use, as well as sell completed projects for charity or personal gain. However, stamps must be hand stamped and all products must not be copied in any way including, but not limited to machine copied. The intention is for you to use the template and/or Kirsten Lapping Designs products is to make decorated Exploding Boxes/completed craft projects; not to copy the template again, sell the template, sell the shaped card (without decoration) or any other use other than first mentioned above. All or part of Kirsten Lapping Designs products may not be copied or added to websites, nor may they be used to be added to CDs or copied. The copyright for products belongs to Kirsten Lapping Designs and anyone wishing to use in any other way must seek permission first. We are happy for you to use our projects as inspiration; our cards and projects are often featured in publications and websites; therefore, if you do wish to send your finished craft cards/projects into magazines, show on websites or similar then please ensure that they are not a direct reproduction. Please feel free to send your cards and projects into magazines, websites etc. including ours - you may be featured in our gallery.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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Please click the following link for your FREE Exploding Box Template: Box template 200dpi.pdf